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Your financial goals are unique to you. We offer a full range of services to best map out a strategy that will work for you and your legacy.

Wealth Management

We want to help you preserve what you have accrued. We are here to address the complexities that are unique to your level of assets. By utilizing Advanced Time Segmentation ® we can complete a wealth management strategy. We frequently work with our in-house CPA and estate-planning attorney to complete your strategy.

Retirement Planning

People are living longer today, as such we need to make sure you can retire comfortably. Advanced Time Segmentation® allows our clients to protect and grow their savings to sustain them during these golden years.

Estate Planning

We give our clients peace of mind knowing that their wishes are carried out correctly, allowing you to leave your legacy to those you choose. Utilizing our in-house CPA and our attorneys, we create a plan that honors your legacy.

Tax Planning

In order to gain a full understanding of your financial picture, it behooves the client and wealth manager to work in concert and prepare your taxes. In this way, we may be able to help you protect your assets from unnecessary tax burdens. Each year the tax law changes and this may affect your wealth. We have a CPA on staff to facilitate this process.

Social Security Planning

Retirement has changed. People’s longevity has changed. The way we look at Social Security has changed as well. Receiving these benefits has become more complicated than in the past. Ron Selik is a Social Security expert and can advise you when the best time is to begin taking Social Security benefits and what the tax consequences would be.

Family Meeting

If you are planning for your family, you should plan with your family. This is why we have set up The Family Meeting. The Family Meeting takes place at our office facilitated by Ron Selik. It is better to have everyone on board to discuss assets and plan legacies.